#300 – 1060 Austin Avenue
Coquitlam, BC V3K 3P3
Phone: (604) 931-3347

COVID-19 Safety Plan

The following measures have been taken to maintain physical distance in the office:

  • Occupancy limits have been set for the office and are posted in various areas in the office
  • Minimized the number of staff working in the office on any given day
  • We are limiting visitors to clients only and request all clients to call in before coming


The following measures have been taken to further protect staff and clients:

  • Hand sanitizer is provided at the front reception upon entering premises
  • If anyone is sick or displaying signs of being sick, we kindly ask they do not come to the office until they are well – should they have been tested positive for COVID-19 we request that they do not come in until 14 days have passed since they stopped displaying symptoms or they have tested negative for COVID-19
  • We have installed glass at the front reception


We have implemented the following rules and guidelines to maintain a safe office environment:

  • Only one person is to walk down the hallway at a time
  • No personal visitors in the office
  • Staff to remain at their own workstations and avoid going into other offices
  • Assigned staff groups to work together to minimize risk of broad transmission
  • Staff are encouraged to use their own plates and cutlery
  • Staff are to use office supplies from their own office provided by W. Bruce & Associates Ltd


We have provided the following equipment for staff use:

  • Disposable masks are available for use at the front desk, or when conducting meetings
  • We have had a virtual staff meeting to go over the proper use of masks
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes


We have implemented the following cleaning procedures to maintain a clean office environment:

  • Upon arrival, staff wipe down and sanitize front door handles, washroom handles, front desk, communal supplies and equipment and workspace
  • Throughout the day as communal space is used and after a client visit, all areas that has come into contact with the client/individual are sanitized
  • Staff are to wash/sanitize their hands upon arrival, before and after meeting with a client, before and after lunch and throughout the day as necessary


We have the following policies in place to manage and maintain a safe office environment. These policies have been included in our employee handbook.

  • Sick policies
  • Travel policies and coming back to the workplace
  • Working alone policies
  • Working from home policies


We have provided staff with the necessary information to monitor their health should they become ill at work and staff on cleaning procedures should another staff member become sick at work. We have trained our staff on the new policies and procedures and ensured they understand their role to help maintain a safe workplace for all staff and clients.